For Entrepreneurs Who want to get More Out Of Their Day And Week
5 Days of FREE Inner-Mind, Behaviour and "Millionaire Habit Hacks" To Increase Your Productivity, Increase Your Momentum and Achieve More ... Faster!
The Training Includes
Millionaire Mindset Hacks 
What Makes All the Difference and Why Most Never Get There
Magnetic Momentum Formula 
How To Stay in the Zone and Forward Focused All Day Every Day
The One Question and One Nasty Habit 
That You Must Rewire Now To Move Forward Fast
Technology And Team 
3 Apps You Already Have & 3 Simple Outsourcing Moves
Your One Thing
Find Out Your Zone of Genius, Your Focus and Where You Should Be Headed
4-hour, step-by-step approach to make great money using webinars.
The secret weapon every self-made millionaire has used.
Understand your hidden business genius and the exact plan to make your first million.
This is tactical and experience driven with over 30 years experience in Positive Self change and Multiple Million Dollar Businesses built. This is the training for you if you want to be more effective, get more done in less time and achieve your ultimate goal faster.
What You Will Get Access To ...
  • Daily Live Sessions with Christopher Duncan (If You Miss It, the Recording Will Be Sent To Your Inbox)
  • Access To Millionaire Mentors Within Our Private Facebook Community
  • Uncover and Discover What Has Been Holding You Back and Why
  • Create a System To Create MASSIVE MOMENTUM in Your Business and Life
  • 2x, 5x or Even 10x The Output You Create Everyday
This It is NOT just about hustle ... If you hustle hard in the wrong direction you get lost faster. It is about strategic step by step forward focused momentum towards what matters most to you.
This training will exceed your wildest expectations and will not be free for long!
What My Clients Are Saying
"What I like about this training is that it absolutely blows my mind on how Chris shows what you need to say and what you need to do and he actually helps you build your speaking business end-to-end."
Nash Idrus, Persuade 4 Profit
"This will be the most transformational event if you wanna be a speaker."
Imran Mohamad, Fast Business Growth
"Join this event and just do it and smash it cause that's what Chris will help you with."
Richard Phu, The Ultimate Man
"If you want your life to change, you have to go and do it! Its not only gonna change your business, its gonna change your life."
Christine Robinson, Publish2Profit
"Joining Chris' training was an absolute awesome experience. You get to meet with people who have exactly the same mindset as you and they come from all walks of life and you get to learn with them how to design your future."
Markus Keiper, Global Leadership Foundry
"You must attend training with Chris. This is an incredible experience. There's no value or price that you can associate with this and it has changed my entire life. If you can get the opportunity to be live anywhere Chris is or any of his events anywhere in the world, absolutely jump on it. It's a life changer and it's a must have for anybody looking to explode their business."
Cherie Aimee, Busting Obscurity
Meet Christopher Duncan
Since Age 17 Chris Has Been obsessed With Doing What Matters Most.  Starting as a Personal Trainer, he has a string of successful startups [and failures] .  Now Running Multiple 7 Figure Companies, and helped over 200 people start 6-figure online business. He attributes 1 core Concept to his success, that is “you must find someone who is where you want to be... and have them teach you the fast track”.

Now , Chris Teaches Others How to Get the most out of their Business and Life.
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